Reserving a boat in Giethoorn

You can reserve a boat but that is not mandatory.

To be 100% sure that there is a boat ready for you.

To avoid disappointment, certainly.

You can reserve a boat via

By going through the simple steps on

It is not mandatory to reserve a boat.

The reservation costs are €5,00 per reserved boat.

Via you can also reserve a boat on the day itself.

You can reserve a boat a year in advance.

Yes, if in stock, you can reserve several boats at the same time.

You cannot reserve a boat by phone. However, you can call for availability on 06-33399923

The rental and cancellation conditions can be found at the bottom of this page under the general terms and conditions.

Our boats can be booked in advance.

They are € 5.00 per boat.

Parking in Giethoorn

You can park your car in several parking spaces.

The vast majority of parking spaces are free of charge.

The boats are right next to the parking lot.

Yes, that can be punished with a fine of € 95.00

There are no cars in the center of Giethoorn.

Accordion Content

This is different for each parking lot.

You can park your car 24/7 in the designated parking spaces.

The vast majority of parking spaces are free of charge.

This is only allowed if there are no prohibition signs on parking in the roadside.

In each parking lot there are also parking spaces for the disabled.

The center of Giethoorn is car-free. So you can’t park here.

Corona facts about Giethoorn

At the Plus supermarket they sell rapid tests.

Yes, Giethoorn is open.

You, despite corona you can rent a boat.

General rules in Giethoorn

This does not go together. Follow the national rules.

No, no license is required to drive rental boats in Giethoorn.

No, you can only moor in designated places.

No, you are not allowed to enter gardens without permission.

Not by definition, because that depends on the owner of the bridge.